di Giovanni Pivetta
11 Marzo 2019
International stars, the ones who put their face on climate change!

Throughout the world, artists – actors – directors – musicians – university professors – writers – singers – philosophers – journalists, famous people have put their face on climate change by signing heartfelt appeals for the containment of global warming of the Planet.

You need to stand up against deniers, people who do not believe in science. It is precisely science that tells us that climate change exists and its cause is to be found (also and above all) in intensive farming: FAO points out that the emission of greenhouse gases (two thirds of the total) and methane (78%) generated by this type of activity are the first causes of climate change.

Harrison Ford’s speech at the Global Climate Action Summit

The greatest challenge in the history of mankind

Astrophysicist Aurélien Barreau and actress Juliette Binoche invited cultural personalities to signing a manifesto asking to save the Planet and hundreds of personalities supported this letter, which reminds us that we are experiencing a global cataclysm, which evokes climate change and the reduction of biodiversity. Global warming, drastic decrease in living space, collapse of biodiversity, deep soil, water and air pollution, rapid deforestation: all indicators are alarming. At the current rate, in a few decades, there will be almost nothing left. We know that in 30 years – I am not talking about two centuries – we will have between 200 and 800 million climate refugees. It will be a war, you will warn Aurélien Barreau.

“When you hear almost daily journalists rejoice that we have gained a growth of 0.1 points, it is exactly like saying:” We go into the abyss, we know, but we accelerate. It makes no sense, added the scientist.”

Influential celebrity makes the difference in saving the planet

Greenmatch listed the influential Stars who are using their fame to support climate change awareness and through their activism are doing their part in saving our planet.

Disseminating knowledge about the impact of climate change is no longer just a job for environmental experts and politicians, but a responsibility for every person on earth – the “rich and famous” despite!

This is because climate change is a reality and the signs are obvious: extremes of temperature and weather conditions, drought, melting glaciers and warmer oceans. Research indicates that, among the various factors contributing to climate change, the excessive release of carbon dioxide is one of the main causes that is leading to an imbalance in the planet’s ecosystem.

Saving our planet must go beyond the awareness of having more people making sustainable life choices. Positive changes in the way we live can reduce our ecological footprint and contribute significantly to slowing down climate change. The good news is that, against the backdrop of this reality, there is a wave of celebrities who are facing the challenge not only talking, but acting accordingly.

Bon Iver, Jack Johnson and 40+ Musicians Commit to Climate Action

More than 40 musicians including Bon Iver, Jack Johnson, Decemberists and My Morning Jacket have added their names to the coalition We Are Still In, according to an ad sent to EcoWatch.

“I’m proud to join other musicians in sending a message to the world that” We Are Still In “and show that the music industry is committed to climate action”, said musician and environmentalist Jack Johnson in a press release.

From Guardian’s Keep the in the Ground campaign

“Our melting, changing and liquid world”: celebrities read poems about climate change. Actors including James Franco, Ruth Wilson, Gabriel Byrne, Maxine Peake, Jeremy Irons, Kelly Macdonald and Michael Sheen have read a series of 21 poems on climate change, by UK poet Carol Ann Duffy. Includes two bonus poems from Byrne and Franco.

We need you to make the change right away

Social Campaign “We are the Environment” – Are you a Citizen or a Public Person? Put your face on it! Raise awareness among friends, fans and followers for the protection of the environment. Disengaged from fossil fuels and committed to the future of future generations. Action by March 15! and participate in the global climate strike, “Strike Global for future”.

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